Stay with dogs

“Konpira Machiya Maru” welcomes dogs. You can stay with them.

At our in we provide facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for your dogs,
including a dedicated paw washing area for pets, large cages indoors, and a dog terrace.

Dog-friendly amenities and facilities include:

Pet CagePaw Washing AreaFood BowlPee Pads
Trash BinPet DeodorantDog Diapers (S and L sizes)Wet Wipes
・Pet Cage
・Paw Washing Area
・Food Bowl
・Pee Pads
・Trash Bin
・Pet Deodorant
・Dog Diapers (S and L sizes)
・Wet Wipes

Please review the following notes regarding pet accommodation:

・Pet owners must make a reservation with the pet plan. (The fee for one guest and one pet is included in the reservation.)
・An additional fee of 3,300 yen will apply for each additional pet.
・Only small or medium-sized dogs weighing less than 15kg are allowed, with a maximum of two pets.
・Pets must be vaccinated for rabies.
・Please inform us in advance of the breed, number, and weight of your dogs.

■ Important Notes ■

  • If your pet is not vaccinated, proof from a veterinarian is required.
  • Only medium-sized dogs that are toilet-trained, do not bark unnecessarily, and have good behavior are allowed.
  • Dogs with marking habits must wear diapers or belly bands.
  • Please wash your dog’s paws at the paw washing area when entering the accommodation.
  • Leaving your dog unattended for an extended period while outside the accommodation is prohibited.
  • Please do not bathe your dog in the bathtub.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the second floor.
  • Sleeping with your dog on the bed or using traditional Japanese bedding is not permitted.
  • Leaving feces or urine in the garden is prohibited; please clean up and flush it away.
  • If your dog relieves itself in a non-designated area, please report the location.
  • Any significant damage to facilities or items will result in charges.
  • We cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries that occur during your dog’s stay; please understand this before making a reservation.
Visit Konpira Shrine wirh your dogs
At Kotohira-gu Shrine, during the Edo period, there was a custom known as “Konpira Inu,” where dogs would visit the shrine in place of humans. This tradition allows visitors to bring their dogs when making offerings at the main shrine. There are also shops along the approach where you can enter with your dogs. Please enjoy exploring Kotohira-gu Shrine with your furry friends.